Emiley Stans is a young American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. Emiley was born on a hot summer day in a suburban Los Angeles neighbourhood. Her passion for music began in early childhood. She began learning musical notation at the same time as the alphabet. When Emiley was 7, she wrote her first song, “My Soul.” At the age of 10, she began writing songs regularly. She devoted an entire summer to writing 15 songs. She also started performing at local festivals, music shows, and fairs. In June 2018, Emiley’s songs were heard on one of the most popular radio stations in the USA, “Kiss FM.” This gave her an amazing start to her burgeoning career.

People often compare her voice to many of the outstanding vocalists of our time. The music press has described her work as “The new trend of the 21st century.” Critics have said that her emergence has given the global music industry a new hope and revived sound. She has appealing, unique, and nostalgic vocals with bright, easy-to-remember, and understandable lyrics. Her lyrical abilities combined with her elegant and impeccable image make her a rising star and one to keep your eye on.

Emiley released her debut video for the song “Sometimes” at the end of December 2018. The video clip was filmed in Singapore and Indonesia, on Bali Island. Emiley relished the opportunity to perform and record scenes on a yacht and on the seaside under the rays of the setting sun. Every song and single has given Emiley Stans wider exposure on radio stations worldwide. Nobody can predict the future path of this talented singer, but we know one thing for sure – she has found her place in this world, and we can expect to hear her name for a long time to come. Meanwhile, Emiley Stans is working on her second full-length album and preparing to release a new video for her song, “Breath of Life.”